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We love supporting sustainable lifestyles filled with fun, exploring and re-connecting with nature, advancing consciousness, and staying open minded to include all aspects of alternative holistic therapies like plant medicines or sexual health to help one another achieve our best selves and live our best lives!

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We offer a relaxed pura vida setting where our guests can enjoy a healthy tropical getaway to explore the best of human & mother nature.

Our center was created by an open minded integrative medical doctor who has put together a program that focuses on all areas of health in a non judgmental, educational, experimental and fun way.

The pleasure center of the brain is one of the most ancient parts of our minds that guides us to what we need to feel vibrant, connected and happy. Unfortunately modern living and stress are interfering with the function of this system.

Join us at the pleasure center to enhance your performance & rehabilitate your mind, body and soul.

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“The Blue zone lifestyle”

Bio Resonance Diagnostics

Plant Medicine Facilitator

Clinical Bodywork

Retreats and Workshops

Private Transportation

BioRez Meta


An accurate non-invasive diagnostic device proven to be a key tool for wellness and self empowerment.


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Allies in Healthcare

Creating personalized retreats and transforming health with Dr. Randi Raymond


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Secret Sacred Journey

Advancing Consciousness

Facilitating journeys into nature, exploring your consciousness with ancestral plant medicines clearing negative energy and freeing the mind.


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Burnout Recovery Program

Book your stay for a fun filled vacation full of adventure and wellness services in order to completely reset your health with Dr. Randi Raymond.


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Shamanic Retreat Center

This is a place dedicated for salvation, healing of the internal soul within the people, its aim is to bring more people into consciousness of their purpose on this Earth. To help bring those who are lost to the center of their heart.

Spirit Retreat Costa Rica