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Detection of thousands of pathogens and dysfunctions in hundreds of organs, glands and body components allowing individuals to create protocols based upon accurate noninvasive bioresonance diagnostics.


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eden retreat center

Reset your health and join us at the premiere burn out recovery center in Costa Rica!



Take the “Sacred Journey”

The foundation will have as main objective: through the teaching and practice of ancestral medicine and alternative healing therapies, achieve the transformation of the spirit, achieve the healing of the body, the well-being of the soul and the mind in an integral way, generating personal and social awareness as a transforming instrument for humanity. In addition, there are the following specific objectives: A) To carry a positive message to humanity, generating awareness in it, through a change in lifestyle and recognition of our human essence in the value of our actions as a reflection of our spiritual health. B) To get more people to freely and voluntarily decide to share the positive message with other people by dispersing positive energy and inner light. C) Convene, gather or gather people and colleagues, through retreats or meetings in Costa Rica or in other countries, holding talks, exhibitions and talks, in order to spread together the enormous message of peace, happiness, healing, harmony, unity, love, solidarity and spirituality based on the values of ancestral medicine, turning this initiative into a World Movement of Change. D) Unite efforts with other similar entities, so that this initiative helps to promote the healing of the body, the search for peace and inner light, the calm of the soul of humanity, motivating the practice, use and conservation of values based on ancestral and alternative medicine.